Mother Hologram / Sister Anagram

For four years Leib have been persistently researching their band sound, tinkering with new textures and sounds live and in rehearsal rooms, searching for ways to rethink improvised music. Now their first LP "Mother Hologram / Sister Anagram" is being released on the Argentinian label Neue Numeral.

Leib is a Swiss trio, consisting of Kevin Sommer (clarinet), Cyrill Ferrari (guitar) and Lukas Briner (drums). The band creates its music collectively, with the three musicians exhausting the repertoire of their instruments, expanding it with speakers and tape recorders, and blending their sounds into a new common sonic language.

The album consists of two complementary sides: While "Sister Anagram" consists of five pieces centering on individual elements of Leib's music gentle drones ("Chanson Sinus"), pointillist noise ("Punkt"), raw grooves ("Force Méchanique") - "Mother Hologram" consists of a single uncut, twenty-minute free improvisation. At times Leib sounds like a machine about to explode, then again like the birdsong of the underworld. A music that contains many possibilities and yet concentrates on the essentials.